Naxos, Cyclades

Naxos Carnival celebrations for 2018 took place between 16 – 18 February 2018, mainly in Naxos island. The celebrations involved various happenings, parties and events all over the 3 day period. Main events were the “Pithoigia” festivity on Friday, the Torchlight festivity on Saturday and the Carnival festivity of Sunday.

Project: 2018
Photographer: Kostas Katsouris
CLASIFICATION: Photography, Creative

Pithoigia | Naxos Chora (Beach) | Friday the 16th of February, 21:00
The 3-day carnival festivities open on Friday night, just a few meters from the Temple of Apollo. The festivity is called “Pithoigia” and is essentially the first day of the ancient Anthesteria festivity, during which the earthenware jars of the new wine were opened. They used to bring the first wine to the Temple of Dionysus and make libations to the God outside the closed shrine dedicated to him, wishing for the new production. Afterwards, they tasted the wine themselves; they danced and sang thanking Dionysus. Satyrs and Maenads will participate in the staging of “Pithoigia”.

Torchlight Parades| Castle at Naxos Chora – Beach | Saturday the 17th of February, 19:00
Impressive Torchlight bearers with painted faces and dressed in white sheets contribute to the unique and special style of the carnival events in Naxos. The “baptism of fire” will take place this year at the Ursuline School and at the Lyceum of Naxos, where the preparation and the dressing of the Torchlight bearers are done. Accompanied by the sound of kettledrums and holding lighted torches, the bearers will head to the beach, thus creating an exquisite parade and atmosphere that you can find only in Naxos.

Carnival | Naxos Chora – Beach| Sunday the 18th of February, 15:00
The events of the 3-day carnival festivities culminate with the Grande Parade on Sunday noon. Groups of carnival-goers will parade in new and impressive floats, bringing joy and happiness to the visitors and spectators of the parade.

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