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Dubai 2018

A few days ago I had the chance to spend some days in Dubai, UAE.
Below are some pictures from this trip.

Dubai currently sits between east and west. A city of the future, the area with the largest growth and new project development in the world. Astonishing accomplishment if you can imagine that 50 years ago there was only desert and sand. Whereven one looks, he sees new developments in an amazing way. Dubai’s skyline is amazing and with the pace that things move around here, I wont be suprissed if in 10 years time Dubai is more impressive than other mega cities like New York or London.


In order to understand better what i am saying, here is a simple example:Dubai has the largest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The building is impressive, was constructed in 6 years (2004-2010), with a 830m height and 160 plus floors. But no, right next to this they are building the new tallest building of the world, with a height of 1,2km! What can you say about that…


Everywhere you look you can see new construction, new cars, new everything. Is essense, the city is new (i am guessing 30-40 years old) and this reflects on everything. New metro system, new marinas, new beaches (for example La Mer Beach), the hype never ends. The city is multinational, as native residents are only a minority, with a lot of Europeans that are there for working. And this can be seen everywhere, I mean the european way of living. Dubai is rather free in terms of restrictions, however you still cannot drink a beer in a public beach (but there are a ton of private hotels etc that everything is acceptable).

The government tries to create a happy and relaxed vibe over the city, by promoting it to be between the happiest cities in the world. This is somehow true, since life seems easy (if you are not a Pakistan/Indian worker in the construction industry that is like a modern ghetto), and this included a zero tax environment, a nice income booming economy. However, one has to consider the fact that Dubai is a desert, which means that the temperature will be around 40 to 50c in summertime, with the sea temp at 35c+! In essense, you live indoors in a ac environment all the time (home -> car -> work etc). Also, I had the “pleasure” to see a sandstorm, which is not pretty (you cannot be outside more than a minute or two). So what you do? You stay inside or head to the huge and many malls in Dubai of course.

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